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Wilderness First Aid and CPR Training Opportunity for Troop 1998 (UPDATE: Pre-register NOW by January 4th)

Posted on Dec 29 2018 - 9:16pm
Wilderness First Aid and CPR Training Opportunity Primarily in support of the Troop’s upcoming High Adventure trips, a special opportunity to obtain Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR training has been made. It is being made available to anybody in the Troop. Normally, these trainings are >$200, but we have an arrangement with the Thurmont Ambulance Company who will provide the training for $40 plus a donation. 

Northern Tier High Adventure Winter 2019-2020 - Okpik (TIME SENSITIVE: Seeking interest by December 31st, 2018)

Posted on Dec 20 2018 - 4:29pm

For over forty years the Okpik program of Northern Tier National High Adventure Programs has provided safe, exhilarating and challenging adventures for thousands of youth and adult participants. The name, Okpik, comes from the Inuit word for the Arctic or Snowy Owl which has been used as the symbol for the Okpik program since it began in the early 1970’s.

Northern Tier High Adventure Summer 2020 (TIME SENSITIVE: Seeking Interest by December 31st 2018)

Posted on Dec 20 2018 - 4:21pm

Founded in 1923, Northern Tier is the oldest High Adventure Program in the Boy Scouts of America. For over 90 years, Scouts at Northern Tier have paddled pristine lakes, sweated over rugged portages and explored the untrammeled wilderness of the Great North American Canoe Country.

Did you know there is a NEW Youth Protection Training (YPT) 2.0? (From the NCAC Website)

Posted on Mar 12 2018 - 12:52am

“By October 1, 2018, all new and currently registered leaders will be required to complete the updated training. The enhanced and updated content will allow leaders and councils to comply with all legal requirements. While this may be inconvenient for some, it reflects the BSA’s commitment to the safety of all youth.”

The Outdoor Ethics Guide Handbook has been released and is available by clicking on the link below.

Posted on Nov 12 2017 - 3:35pm

The purpose of this handbook is to guide units in developing a culture that effectively demonstrates responsible outdoor choices that reduce impacts of Scouting. Go to: http://www.scouting.org/Home/OutdoorEthicsGuide.aspx

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